Spa Technology Ltd are committed to working in a way, and using suppliers, that respect the environment. We encourage our supply chain to adopt similar working practises, as we wish to positively encourage sustainable trading throughout the supply chain.

Spa Technology Ltd acknowledges the issues concerning human rights abuses at the base of the supply chain. We do not condone the use of suppliers who obtain materials specifically in the mining sector for metals such as tin, tantalum, tungsten and gold from Conflict-Affected and High-Risk Areas (CAHRA’s), where proceeds from the mining are sometimes used to finance rebel conflicts and are associated with serious human rights abuses. Therefore, we are committed to following the OECD guidance for Responsible Minerals sourcing.

Spa Technology Ltd does not directly source minerals from the DRC and other CAHRA’s as mines are typically numerous tiers removed from our direct suppliers. We address the issue through leveraging our influence on our supply chain.

To support this policy of ensuring that there is a low risk of Conflict Minerals entering our supply chain, we require and flow down requirements to our supply chain in relation to Responsible Minerals Sourcing via QMS Procedure 7- Procurement.

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