Our in-depth technical knowledge covers both the operation of tracking systems and the additional components required to design AVL systems. We have been involved with the development of tracking and location systems for over twenty-five years. During that period we have gained experience with terrestrial and satellite based systems both in the UK and around the world.

Our experience covers most aspects of tracking systems including conception, specification, design and ongoing development.

We can provide independent advice on the specification, design, trialing and verification of all types of navigation systems.

  • Independent advice on the technology and products most suited to meet operational, environmental and financial requirements.
  • System trials and evaluation of AVL and Tracking systems/products.
  • Integration of new technologies into existing systems.
  • Feasibility studies.
  • Design and production of prototype hardware.
  • Modelling of existing and proposed systems.
  • In conjunction with our associates; contract and project management, evaluation, selection, negotiation, planning, tracking and control.

In addition to our general experience we have been involved in the development of specific projects including:

  • Design and trialing of covert vehicle installations for security applications
  • Specification, design, implementation and testing of HGV trailer mount system with extended battery back-up and ruggedised hardware.
  • Firmware for a mobile transceiver carried by prison officers as part of a personnel-tracking system.
  • Server software for monitoring and controlling stolen vehicle system.
  • Firmware for mobile locators unit fitted to vehicles and assets.
  • Integration of GPRS into existing products to provide data and voice facilities.
  • Firmware and hardware for integration of GPS, DPGS, GSM, TETRA and trunked radio into mobile locator unit.
  • Integration of passenger displays into existing tracking system.
  • Firmware to control UHF telemetry link between mobile locator and base station.
  • Designs of suppression devices for vehicle alternators and electrical systems.
  • Design and software for a real time "offset database system" to remove fixed systematic positions errors from vehicle reports before forwarding to customer display systems.
  • International monitor and control system for LF navigation chain, GPS/DGPS system and UHF data networks.
  • H-field antenna system as alternative to standard e-field systems.
  • Radio alarm systems as backup to fixed link system.
  • Firmware and hardware for radio modems.
  • Firmware and hardware for low power radio two way telemetry system.
  • Design of low power hand held terminal equipment for two way data applications.
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