Our expertise in analogue and digital design covers all project phases from concept to production, including documentation and testing. With in-house PCB design we can build prototypes and economically manufacture small volumes of production equipment.

Most of the hardware that we design is for the aerospace industry, although we also undertake automotive, consumer & medical work. The duration of the projects that we undertake varies from a few hours to several years.

Digital Design

Our designs have incorporated 8 to 32 bit microcontrollers and microprocessors from most of the major manufactures families, such as Motorola, Intel and Microchip (PIC).

We are familiar with various interfaces and have implemented various types such as synchronous, asynchronous, I2C Bus, CANbus, ethernet & USB etc.

Analogue Design

Many of out designs incorporate analogue electronics. Whether it be signal conditioning, precision amplifiers or bespoke interfaces, we design it in-house.

Past projects have involved gas and liquid measurement, various RF interfaces, precision weighing systems, power supplies and power amplifiers.